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Chaliwaté Îlo

In a faraway desert,
a mysterious man lends a helping hand to a thirsty plant

Thus starts a surprising adventure where man and plant set on a quest for water. Will acrobatic figures, dance steps and games of cat and mouse enable them to find the precious liquid?

Built upon a series of gestural and acrobatic scenes, Ilô tackles the topic of water scarcity and focuses on this current and still on-going situation due to climate change. The limited space of the stage, with closed borders where everything occurs, reminds us of the urgent need to take action. While thirst becomes increasingly hard to bear as the situation evolves, the solution must be found within this narrow space. Will acrobatic lifts, games of cat and mouse and small dance steps help them reach a positive outcome?

Gestural theatre – Children’s theatre

Îlo is a gestural performance, without words, at once funny and dreamlike. It is a show for children and adults alike. An ode to the thirst of living!

It received the Prix de la Province de Liège and the Prix Kiwanis at the Rencontres de Théâtre Jeune Public in Huy, Belgium, in August 2011

“A show without words, Îlo is a jewel of a piece of gestural theatre, where our two dancers turn into thirsty plants. Two supple stems that sometimes compete against each other, other times unite their strength in order to find the last drops of blue gold”. Catherine Makereel, Le Soir.

Chaliwaté Îlo
Chaliwaté Îlo
Chaliwaté Îlo
Chaliwaté Îlo
  • Directors and performers :
    Sandrine Heyraud et Sicaire Durieux
  • Dramatic criticism :
    Alana Osbourne
  • Lights :
    Jérôme Dejean
  • Sound :
    Loic Villiot
  • Setting and Costumes :
    Thibaut De Coster et Charly Kleinermann
  • Video :
    Pascal Giraud
  • Distributor :
    Isabelle Derr