The company

Artistic approach

The Chaliwaté Company was created in 2005. It is actively involved in creative projects, research and work to transmit this form of expression. Fed by the teachings and legacy of the three great contemporary and European masters of the mime art: Etienne Decroux, Marcel Marceau and Jacques Lecoq, the Chaliwaté Company performs its shows and shares its poetic and comic approach while constantly reflecting on the foundations of this particular artistic form of stage art.

Each show is the result of serious reflection and exploration of the dramatic rules and principles belonging to the mime arts, such as the metamorphosis of the body, transformation of objects and environments, symbolisation, but also the study of ways to cross this expression with other forms of stage arts (modern dance, farcical and more classic forms of the comical art form). Using a precisely-mastered and resourceful body language, shaping movements as a sculptor would shape a statue, taming the silences, the Chaliwaté Company works to combine the different techniques, aiming to surprise the audience and encourage the spectator to let his emotions do the talking.


Nomination of “Jeltag” at the Prix de la Critique 2016 (Belgium) in the category “Best Circus Show”


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