The company

The artistic work of the Chaliwaté Co. is nourished by many different manners of approaching the mime art to create physical and visual shows. Since they worked on their first show “Joséphina” in 2009, they have continued to expand and enrich their stage writing and creative process, constantly looking for new perspectives, taking part in workshops and collaborating with other artists from different theatrical genres. They create “Îlo” in 2011 and then collaborate with Loïc Faure (Jongloic Company) to create the show “Jetlag” in 2015. They work in association with the Focus Company (Julie Tenret) since 2017 with whom they create “Backup” (short form of 25′) and “Dimanche” (long form).


Nomination of “Jeltag” at the Prix de la Critique 2016 (Belgium) in the category “Best Circus Show”


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