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Chaliwaté Jetlag
Chaliwaté Jetlag
Chaliwaté Jetlag
Chaliwaté Jetlag

Jetlag, is, first of all,
an emotional journey,
constantly out of step…

In between airports, from a crowded transit zone to a confined aeroplane cabin, a man is trying to keep his loneliness at bay. Lost in exhilaration and confusion, as he moves from one place to the next, space and time are blurred; he dreams of a new start. But as he steps forward on his quest, he realises that things might not turn out the way he expected.

Dance, circus and gestural theatre come together to explore the subject of solitude. Leaning on texts by Samuel Beckett, Paul Auster, Jorge Luis Borges, as well as a singular scenography, the challenge was to blend the comical nature of the situations presented, with the tragic of a character. We intended, in this way, to get closer to a farcical and absurd world in which the main character evolves and personifies, in a poetic manner, the freedom and carefreeness of someone who is out of sync with the rest of the world.

Spectacle de théâtre physique – Tout public

“The Chaliwaté Company tells a story but doesn’t limit the senses: it is for our feelings to understand this dance meant for three, as the dozen scenes take us from the passenger seat of an aeroplane to the cockpit, through an airport terminal, and aboard the wings of imagination. If an engineer analysed this strange alloy, he would most certainly find a piece of Jacques Tati, but also the comical cadence of French comedies from the 70s, willingly absurd, and references to slapstick of silent films. Approaching the art of mime as a question rather than an answer, the cheerful team leads us, thanks to this principle, on a very moving adventure, to be consumed without restraint.” Laurent Ancion – C!RQ en CAPITALE N°6 - January-March 2016


Coming shows

  • 23/05/2023
    Condé-sur-Vire, France
  • 25/05/2023
    Les pieux, Villes en Scène, Département de la Manche, France
  • 31/05/2023
    Meyzieu, France
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Chaliwaté Jetlag
Chaliwaté Jetlag
Chaliwaté Jetlag
Chaliwaté Jetlag
Chaliwaté Jetlag
Chaliwaté Jetlag
Chaliwaté Jetlag
  • Directors :
    Sicaire Durieux, Loïc Faure & Sandrine Heyraud & Sandrine Heyraud
  • Performers :
    Sicaire Durieux, Loïc Faure & Sandrine Heyraud or Elsa Taranis Debefve
  • Setting :
    Asbl Devenirs & Hélios asbl

  • Sound :
    Loïc Villiot & Loïc Le Foll
  • Lights :
    Jérôme Dejean
  • Dramatic criticism :
    Alana Osbourne & Katya Montaignac
  • Voice over :
    Sarah Chantelauze & Eric de Staercke
  • Assistant :
    Soazig De Staercke

  • Photos :
    Thomas Barlatier, Tristan Galand & Yves Kerstius

  • With the help and support of La Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - Service du Cirque, des Arts Forains et des Arts de la Rue, le Théâtre des Doms (F), le Centre Culturel Jacques Franck (B), l’Espace Catastrophe - Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque (B), la Roseraie (B), le Théâtre Marni (Bruxelles), le Centre Culturel de Woluwé Saint-Lambert (B), Latitude 50 - pôle arts du cirque et de la rue (B), l'Odyssée - Théâtre de Périgueux (F), le BAMP, l'Atelier construction décor de Marchin - Devenirs Asbl (B), le Centre Culturel de Braine-L'Alleud (B), l'asbl MTP MEMAP (B), la commune d'Ixelles (Service Culture), KissKissBankBank, SACD, WBI, WBTD, Atelier Design.